What Languages do People Speak in Afghanistan? 


Afghanistan is home to more than 40 million people who primarily speak Pashto (Pakhtu or Afghani language) and Dari (Persian). There are many other minority and immigrant languages spoken in the country, however.


How Many Languages Are Spoken in Afghanistan?


Afghanistan has 40 minor languages with 200 dialects in addition to the official Pashto and Dari (Persian) languages. Most non-official languages spoken in Afghanistan are spoken by ethnic groups, including indigenous people of the area.


Official Languages of Afghanistan:

Afghanistan Has one National & two Official Languages,

Pashto is the only national language of Afghanistan. Pashto & Dari languages the Official languages of Afghanistan.


• Pashto: Pashto Also Called Afghani language, This language is The First Official & Only national Language Of afghanistan.

The national anthem of Afghanistan is in Pashto, and this language was also written on Afghan money. Pashto is originally the first language of the Aryan family.


Pashtuns speak Pashto, Pashtuns are the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan, also known as Afghans. All other ethnic groups living in Afghanistan are also called Afghans. 


Dari: Dari Also Called Persian, Persian is originally an Iranian language, In Afghanistan, Persian is spoken by about 10 percent of the population. Persian or Dari is the second official language of Afghanistan.


The tribes of Afghanistan:

Pashtuns(afghans): 65-70%

Tajik: 10%

Hazar: 8%

Uzbek: 5% 

others: 12%


National language of Afghanistan:

• Pashto 100%

Pashto is the only national language of Afghanistan, the national anthem is sung in this language, and Pashto is written on money.


Official languages of Afghanistan:

Pashto 71%

Dari 19%


Unofficial languages of Afghanistan:

Uzbek 5%

Balochi 3%

Pasahyi 1%

Others (Arabic, Hindi, Pamiri, Turkmeni) 2%

Source: Ministry of Statistics and Population of Afghanistan