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ع کريم حليمي

دغړيتوب نېټه: 10 جنوري   2004
ليکنې: 2709
ځای: new york

ليکنهد ليکنې نېټه  : ٤   شنبه   ميئ   23, 2018 6:41 am    عنوان   : د پوهاند موسیٰ معروفي د انګلیسی اشعارو له مجموعې څخه Reply with quote

ډيرو پتمنو ويونکو،
لومړی خو د مور د ورځی مبارکی درته وايم. له بده مرغه زما والده شريفه د الزايمر په ناروغی څه بالادوی لسيزی د سويس د ژنيوا په ښارکی ځان و حق ﷻ ته د مهاجرت په حال کی وسپاره. هغه مرحومه يوه ډيره متدينه، مهربانه او د پوهی او فضيلت ملاتړه پښتنه ميرمن وه. کله چه زه د هر کال په څير بيا هم له امريکې نه د مرحومې لاس ښکلولو ته ولاړم دا ځلی يې ځای ته نسوای روستلای. نو کله چه بيرته راستون شوم دغه شعر می د دی زړه دردونکی تجربې د يادونی په هکله وليکی او نو ځکه می د الزايمر و ناروغۍ ته د خبيثه روح لقب ورکړ:

I wrote the following poem in memory of my beloved mother, who passed away almost two decades ago in Geneva, Switzerland, from Alzheimer’s. I named it “Unholy Ghost.

The Mother, the Son and the Unholy Ghost

By Musa Maroofi

I know I am weak
What you did not want me to be
A crying baby
But it is true
I am crying
They make me cry,
Those agonizing moments
That you and I were going through
You, because of your condition
I, for watching you

When Switzerland was in tremors,
Shaking from mountain to mountain,
Lake Geneva was on fire
Burning the Pyrenees,
Flooding Mont-Blanc
Through my eyes,
Through my brains

With a heart full of secrets
And a mouth full of words
I had come from America
To be with you
To share the good and evil of my world,
I was crying my heart out,
Hoping to make you remember me,
But it was a silent voice
The world could not hear
Neither could you
The world too busy to care
Your mind too far gone to remember.

Sitting so close to me
Across the kitchen table by the window
Overlooking the park in Chen Bourg.
Rich, full, white wavy hair
Warily protecting your charm
Against the encroaching years

You looked thinner than ever
But not fragile
It was me feeling so weak and defensive
In the face of your courage
The secret sorrow
The shy smile.

Your smiling efforts
And graciousness
Though you couldn’t remember
That I was the fruit
And you the tree.

Then a friendly gesture
To save from embarrassment
This stranger in front of you,
You said:
“I have a son. He lives faraway.
I miss him so much. You sound like him.”

A symbol of love, goodness and courage,
You have not changed at all,
You are my soul,
My angel
My armies, my castle’s wall.

When I was a baby
Scared of the thunderstorm
In your arms I would trust your protection
The strength of your arms,
The heat of your hug,
The magic of your voice
Assured my safety beyond destruction.

And when I grew up
My friends would claim my good times
But you only my painful moments
Always there for me
Teaching me life
With stories of past times.

Yes, I was crying
Now when I was with you
Your Looks full of love like before
But missing their targets
Weaker than cohesion
Stronger than regrets.

Oh, it is so shameful
I cannot return what I should
All that love and caring,
The selflessness
The generosity,
The goodness.

I am such a failure
But so is Mother Nature
Making us one soul but two minds
Physically close
Mentally separated
Like the daylight and the blinds.

But I promise
On the day of resurrection
This is what I shall do
When I rise from my grave
First and foremost
I will keep looking for you

I will take your hand
We will enjoy a long walk
Reunited in mind and soul
Like the good old earthly times
I will tell you all you wish
I will read you my poems
We will talk and talk and talk
بېرته سر ته
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